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Francisco and Chela, the directors and house parents of the Children’s home in Chihuahua have raised three children while dedicating their lives to the work of raising many troubled and hurting children in the home.  Their youngest son, Jonathan, has just finished the equivalent of High School and has a dream of graduating from college one day.  

We would like to raise the funds to help him achieve his dream. The college he wishes to attend is: Universidad Tecnologico de Chihuahua.  Living and working in the Children’s Home, Jonathan has no source of income.  So we are asking for help so Jonathan can achieve his dream. 

 These are the expenses we need to cover for Jonathan to begin classes in August of this year.

 One time expenses:  Admission exam:  $50.00  

 Leveling Course: $60.00  

Uniforms and Shoes:  $110.00

 New Laptop with programs for the courses in this college: $900.00 Recurring Expenses:  Registration per semester: $180.00  Due in August and January 

Books:  $120.00 Due in August of each year. 

If you can help us with any of these expenses we would greatly appreciate it.  You would be making a fine young Christian man’s dream come true and giving him a great future.

Back to school time



This year we will have 24 children returning to school.  If you have had to purchase school supplies for 3 or 4 children you know how expensive a project this can be.  Imagine having to buy school supplies, uniforms and new tennies for 24 kids all at the same time. 

 If any individual, church or group can help us with this extra expense, we would be very thankful.  We have found it is less expensive to purchase these supplies in Mexico rather than have people pay for the shipping to El Paso and then our having to deliver them to Chihuahua.   Your on line donation or check can be marked for School Supplies and we will be sure to apply it to this urgent need.  If you are purchasing school supplies for your children, please consider giving a donation to help us do the same for our children.  You may use the donate button below for an on line donation or send a check.  Either way your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.,

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