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Can you relate to this tiny tree?


Have you lost some of your zeal that you once had when you first gave you heart to Christ?  Do you feel like you want to be closer to God?  Yet another day passes and you find you have not made time to spend with your Lord and Saviour? If you feel like being a christian is difficult, like you are planted in rocky soil like this tree.  I want to offer you some encouregment.  Let's start with some simple steps to get going.  The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. That is one chapter for each day of the month when month ends start back at chapter 1 on the first of each month.  When you get up in the morning grab your bible or bible app and read the proverb of the day.  I do this  and this has helped me and others that I have told.  You can find your self thinking on the proverb you read throught the day.  Each time you open your bible to read it ask God to show you what He has for you in the proverb you are about to read.  Read and think how can I apply this to my life. With water the tree in the photo will grow big and strong, so will you grow strong in the Lord as you read the Living Word of God and apply His word to your life. 

I am preaching in San Juanito with my best friend Pastor Jaime Hernandez


Pastor Jamie and I work very well together. On this day three quarters of the way thru the message God gave me,  I knew from God that Pastor Jaime was to finish the message.  I obeyed and handed the rest of the preaching off to Pastor Jaime.  God touched many of the congergation that day. Please check out the photos below.  We enjoy seeing how God wants to work and minister to His People.    

Good Sameritan Church in San Juanito


This church may be small, however when I come and visit this church I allways feel like I am walking on Holy ground.  The Pastor and his wife have a real heart and love for the people of the church and town.  


Meet Pastor Yescas, his wife and son


In January of this year Mrs. Yescas was traveling from Chihuahua City to San Juanito on a bus.  As the bus left one of the bus stops in the middle of its route a train T boned the bus.  Ejecting the driver and Mrs. Yescas, she had many injurys 5 broken ribs, a punctered lung, along with cuts and brusies.  She had to have a couple surgeries to repair the damage.  Yet as she lay on the ground out side of the bus just feet away from the train tracks she praised God for watching over her and not taking her to heaven.  When emergency personal reached the scene of the accident. They found not one life was taken. God kept every soul on that bus alive and here on this earth.   A month earlier pastor Yescas had seen on the news a train verses bus accident where all souls perished becuase the bus exploded on impact with the train.

Good Samaritan Church


The finished part of the building is the church. The addition is finished as in the structure. This part will be used for a feeding program for the school children in the area. Most of these children recieive only 1 meal a day. So they go to schiool on empty hungery tummies. Some children do not even receive that much. We are working with the church to get this feeding program up and running.  The goverment keeps delaying the church from opening the food program please pray that this year we can get this program up and running. 

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