Praise God the Children's Home has a new Van !

Francisco and some of the children in the new van.

We want to say how good God is to His children.  In February of this year we started raising funds for a new van for the children's home.  With all the individual's and churches that gave from your hearts to this project 5 months later this project for the van is completed.  In June we bought a 2018 Toyota 16 Passenger van brand new from dealer. When Franscio drove the van off the dealer's lot it was paid in full along with 1 year of insurance a license plates.  We at Refuge MInistries Ron, Bernadette, Sean and Luke THANK YOU! Francisco, Chella and all the Children are very happy and appreciate the van and all your giving to make this happen for them.  They say thank you very much!   

Please keep a look out for July's newsletter as more details about van purchase will be relased then.

Praise Reports to answered prayer

A Pastors wife healed

Back in May of this year  a pastor reached out to us to pray for the healing of his wife.  She was diagnosed with shingles.  Every Wednesday  we come together to pray for our needs and the needs of others.  End of June we recieved the praise report SHE IS HEALED. Praise God for her healing!

Surprise your pregnant

A young woman we know asked us to pray for her.  She went to see her doctor after a few tests.  The doctor came back in the room to inform her she is pregnant.  After running more tests he determined she is 7 months pregnant.  She wanted us to pray that the baby would be healthy and devolp normally since up to that point no prenatal care was done.  This was her 3rd pregnancy.

The baby was born healthy and is growing normally. God is Awesome.


Going through a tough time

Someone else asked us to pray for this young woman 

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