Specal Project Praises

We praise God and are so blessed and happy to report that we can now transport the children and staff with room left over. When we visited the children’s home in the beginning of October we had a total of  32 people, 7 adults and 25 children ranging from ages of 6-16 years old all in our aged 15 passenger Nissan van.  The Special offerings from some generous givers, one church in Wisconsin and one other donation made it possible for us to find a bigger vehicle to transport everyone.  We purchased a 2001 school bus with low miles a few weeks later.  The man we purchased the bus from also has them legalized with the Mexican Government so the busses can be taken into Mexico.

Here we have a photo of the newest addition of transportation a low mileage used school bus.  In this photo  below Fransico is arriving at church with the children.

Below Fransico is very happy to be able to have enough room to comfortable and safely transport everyone in one trip. The days of running multiple vehicles or multiple trips back and forth to get everyone to church and other areas are over praise God for this new blessing.

Photo below.
Check out how happy the children are at having enough room to comfortably sit with out being crowded like sardines. This is a true blessing. 

Off to church we go.
Picture above taken near the children's home in Chihuahua, Mexico
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